I am living in a foreign country since 16 years. I prefer to look on my left. I forget what displease me. I may have spoken without knowledge with somebody who killed somebody. I don’t look at dead end street. What is at the end of Life don’t scare me. I am not really listening what people are telling to me. I am slow to understand when somebody is mean to me such I am surprised it’s happen to me: the evil is to some extent unreal. I file. Competition is not stimulating me. To describe precisely my life would be longer than living it. I am wondering if, growing old I will become reactionary. I joke with death. I misled 2 women, I told them, one was indifferent, the other not. I don’t like me. I don’t hate me. I don’t forget to forget. I don’t think Satan is real. My police record is virgin. I would love that every season last for one week. I prefer to be bored alone that has two. In a foreign country, I hesitate to laugh when my interlocutor belches. I sing false thus I don’t sing. It is better for me not to read book about psychiatric, specially the parts describing symptoms of certain diseases :I see them proliferating in me when I discover them. I am believed happy. I hope I will never find a finger in the street. In the windows of english language countries, I read « sale » in French. I had the idea of a school of the sex for boys. I have the tendency, for conveniences of language, to name ‘friends’ people who are not, I don’t find other word to qualify these people that I know, that I like but with which I haven’t tied up no particular link. I do not prepare my retirement. I am inattentive to my bank account. I was thinking once to think to commit suicide. The faraway sound of a mover lawn during summer brings me back good memories of childhood. I don’t think the wisdom of the wise ones will disappear. I had the project to open a brothel for dogs. I lived several years without social security. When a child says to me « monsieur » disconcert me. I masturbate less in front of pictures than in front of memories. I never regretted to have said what I am really thinking. Love stories always annoyed me. I don’t tell my love stories. I speak little about the woman of my life, but I like to listen to my friends’ speeches of theirs, Looking at old photographs make me thinking the body evolved. I reproach what ones reproach me. It sometimes happens to me to announce good news for me to somebody whom I love and to discover with stupor that he is jealous. I wouldn’t like to have famous parents. I like the uniform, not for what its represent, but for the sobriety functional. I am not beautiful, I am not ugly. Under certain angles with a certain light, I can feel beautiful. I feel uglier than beautiful. Moments where I feel beautiful never coincide with these where I will like to be. I am uglier in profile than in front. I like my eyes, my lips, my hands, my forehead, my legs, my skin, I don’t like my nose, my ears, the curve has the arrear of my head, my shoulders, my belly, I don’t have an opinion about my sex. I have a face of through. The left side of my face do not resemble to the right side. I would like not to have a barb to shave. I am not looking for honors. I don’t respect the distinctions, I am indifferent to rewards. I am not able to memorize the first name of people whom one has just introduced to me. I am not ashamed of my family. I often have love. I am irregularly intelligent. I start, more than I do complete. I can’t stop an interlocutor who annoys me. I digest well. I like the summer rain. The failures of the others sadden me more than mine. I am not sick. I am not going more than once a year to the doctor. I need glasses to read when I am tired. I know little about the name of the flowers. I recognize the chestnut tree, the poplar, the weeping willow, the oak, the sweet chestnut tree, the pine, the fir, the plane tree, the hazel tree, the apple tree, the cherry tree, the lilac, the plum tree, the pear tree, the fig tree, I had dogs, cats, snakes, hedgehog, dormouse, sparrow, tortoise, fighting fish, a hen named Crocket. I don’t play casino. I wonder how I will behave under torture. I know four names for God. I am not anymore ten years old. I went to hunt the dahu. I was in boy’s school and never met a pedophile. If I turn when looking to me in a mirror comes a moment where I don’t see me anymore. I don’t know the name of the stars. I am looking to numinosum in the clouds. I sold my art to collectors from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Belgium, Nederland’s, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand and China. I admit being wrong.